Senghor from France (15 years old)

I live in Paris and came to NYC to visit my aunt and uncle who live in Williamsburg.  I love all sorts of sports and had a chance to play soccer on the beach and ping pong in a park.  I even went fishing in the middle of Manhattan! None of us caught anything, but it was a beautiful day to just hang out. At Hi-New-York, I worked on my pronunciation of the "th" sound, which is very very difficult for a French person.  I also learned to differentiate among the words "watch", "look" and "see".   It seems there is a difference between the words "fun" and "funny" as well.  My days of saying "The party last night was funny" are over!

Manuel from Spain (16 years old)

This is my first time in NYC, and I have done and seen a lot.  I didn't know there are plants that taste like fish and that there are oysters in NYC harbor. I have also enjoyed hanging out with my cousins and skateboarding in Chelsea.

Bruna from Brazil (10 years old)

My favorite day in NYC was at the Bronx Zoo.  I love snakes and animals! We had only one giant chocolate chip to share at lunch, and we played an animal trivia game to win pieces of it.  It was so much fun!

My worst day in NYC was the day I was almost an hour late to class.  The subway connection for the #6 train was a nightmare.

Bogdan from the Ukraine (10 years old)

My favorite day in NYC was when we met Victoria, a 14-year-old Greek Sephardic girl who lived on the Lower East Side in 1916.  We learned about her life living with 9 other members of her family in the tiny 3-room tenement apartment and got to ask her all sorts of questions.  I loved that!

"During the subway rides and while waiting for a turn at the flight simulator, I got to discuss with my teachers my dream of becoming a battle ship designer as well as the state of Spanish politics.  I surprised myself at my ability to put the thoughts together."

Manuel, Spain

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