English Courses for All Family Members

Our unique approach to teaching English has been fine-tuned through years of operating in London. We believe in immersing our students in the English language but with plenty of support. At Hi-New-York, we encourage the students to "have a go" and view making mistakes as a part of the learning process.   Motivated by their experiences with us, quite a few of our students return to us year after year, either to NYC or London.

For Children 5-11, we use a mix of in-classroom activities and field trips along themes like the NY Jungle or Scientific NY.  For Teens 12-18, the courses are field-trip based with time spent in the classroom at the beginning of each day. Accompanying Adults can enrol in field-trip or classroom-based sessions. All courses are led by native English-speaking teachers, assistants and workshop leaders.

About Us 

"I would like you to know that Maria Eduarda enjoyed quite a lot this experience with you in NY.  It's amazing how this program with you has had a positive effect on her.  In my opinion, it has changed her life.  She's another person now! "
Gabriela, Brazil

Learning English While Exploring NYC

Central to the Hi-New-York ethos is the belief that language opens the window into a culture.  As our students go fishing on the East River or take part in a Civil War bugle call, they not only learn the English language that is being used around them; they also come closer to becoming true New Yorkers! 

Hi-New-York English courses focus on oral communication.  For many of our older students, this is a part of the English language that is difficult to master at home.  English words are not pronounced as they are written, and the only way to learn how to speak naturally is through practice and correction.

For our youngest students, the focus on oral communication means that they are able to feel the power of mastery relatively quickly.  Like sponges, they absorb what they hear and repeat back almost effortlessly.

Flexible Timetables for All

Our courses for children, teens and adult family members are offered throughout the year, and various optional add-ons like Supervised Library Time, Lunch Programs and After school Club make it possible for each family to build a customized schedule that works for each of them.  We can also organize pick-ups and drop-offs within Manhattan upon request.​